Galactic Strongholds digital expansion of SWTOR release date

The Star Wars: The Old Republic team have begun to release information about the forthcoming Galactic Strongholds digital expansion. Galactic Strongholds is the update that will feature player housing and guild flagships. Subscribers will have access to the expansion in late June, Preferred Access players in late July, with everyone gaining access in early- to mid-August.

First teased during a BioWare Twitch livestream earlier this month, the expansion will allow players to own “prestigious apartments” that they can personalize with hundreds of different decorations, which also boosts their Prestige score to compete for top ranking in the Stronghold Directory. If you have droids in different area codes, you can own multiple apartments on different planets. At launch, players will also be able to launch Guild Flagships, where guild members can meet, chat and /dance.

Read more on  http://www.swtor.com/galactic-strongholds


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