Lineage II’s New Expansion Ertheia to kick off on on July 30

NCsoft has announced today that its classic fantasy MMO Lineage II will be launching its next expansion on July 30. Entitled Ertheia, this free expansion brings new hunting zones, new adventures, and reveals the lore that explains the arrival of the Ertheia race.


Players will experience the new Lineage II saga now that the Seal of Punishment, one of the seven seals that kept Shilen imprisoned, has broken, sending shockwaves across the Material and Spirit Realms alike. This reverberation caused the Ertheia settlement of Faeron Village to fall through a dimensional rift into the Material Realm. Unfortunately for the Ertheia, their arrival in Aden was traumatic, as Shilen’s forces were awaiting them. But the Ertheia were not alone. As the last of Einhasad’s four original races (Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, and Ertheia) enters the playing field, they will join forces with the other the races and Heroes of Aden to save their world, all a part of the continuing saga within Lineage II’s epic storyline.


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